It was such a fair day at first - a perfect day to spend all your time with UG. I turned the computer on and typed ultimate-guitar.com on the search bar after opening the internet explorer. I went to the forums. Then, I started to post my own replies to some interesting threads posted by some brilliant UGers. But then I saw three people exhanging spicy and sharp languages against each other. I can't believe it. A big UG quarrel. I saw UGers fighting against a position that seems to me as a not so critical one. But there are the three - exchanging some F*** us, Fa****, and what not. I tried to enter in the argument cause it was quite fun seeing them battle each other out.

But the thing is......what?????....UGers fighting nonsensely.
Is that really the case for UGers??

oh wait were you serious? thats life brother bear...
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You're Thurstonsexual

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you sure make a lot of threads

I'm sorry for the tripple posts of this thread (i think)
I don't know wat happened with UG
But it seemed like they had some techy probs earlier
That's why my thread were i don't know - they got crazy i think!
stop fkn making stupid , useless threads !!
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thank you zackR .
boohoo, a UG fight, you must have a boring life
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I tried to enter in the argument cause it was quite fun seeing them battle each other out.

UGers fighting nonsensely.

Cool hypocrisy.

Take your whining elsewhere.
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and i was all
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ur all a bunch of **** ups.........((mommy the guy with the big dick abused me ahhhhhhhh!!!))
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stop fkn making stupid , useless threads !!

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you sure make a lot of threads


I thought I was the only one who felt that way.

Janry, why are your threads "Whats the longest this?", and "Whats the shortest that?"

Who gives a rats.

Why not interact in other peoples threads for a change.
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