good day ugers

for once in my life im doing an assignment

for my business class, we have to do a debate type thing.

i was given the topic of abortion.

its pretty long. but if anyones game enough they could read it and give me some feedback? that would be nice

this is what i have written up so far, its not done yet. and my partner is doing the other half of the assignment

Here we go.

Pro Life

The Queensland Right To Life Society, is one of the many associations determined to make abortions illegal. There beliefs are that a human is alive from the moment of conception, and that abortion is murder. Many pro life groups are religious, and there opinion is based on the rules of their religion.

Pro Choice

There are societies such as Children By Choice, that believe that the pregnant woman has a right to choose for herself and to have control over her own body. They believe the government shouldn't have complete power over whats going on in the womans body, and that abortions should be available for women reglardless of the circumstances.

Our Argument

The government shouldn’t have the final say on abortions, either should religious or righteous anti abortion groups.
The final choice should come down to the pregnant woman, its her body and she will have to live with the decision.

It’s not practical to ask a woman to carry a baby around for nine months, a baby that she doesn’t want or is unable to care for.
Its not fair to expect a woman go through the ordeal of pregnancy, and then child birth when she can’t keep the baby.

If Abortion was Made Illegal

Without the option of abortion, many women wouldn’t get the help they need, because in some cases abortion is the only option.

Pregnancy through rape, while it is not as common as it is portrayed, it still does happen.
The pregnant women should have the right to choose wether she is going to keep the baby or not.
The child could remind the mother, and bring back the traumatic experience, and the child might be neglected or resented because of this.

It isn’t the victims fault, and she shouldn’t have to suffer because of the actions of others, by being trapped into having a child.

If health complications arise during a pregnancy, abortion needs to be an option because it could save the mother's life.
Or a women with already established health issues, falls pregnant, and keeping the baby is not safe.
If health issues are discovered about the fetus, such as deformaties or other sever conditions, it should be once again the parents choice to decide, if they are able to care for a baby with needs, or if their willing to put there child through the pain and complications of living life differently.

If abortions were made illegal, desperate women would go back to dodgy backyard abortions.
This is incredibly dangerous.
The pregnant women could die from peritonitis, infections, massive haemorrhaging and there are many other risks.
There is also the possiblity that the fetus is not removed properly, which would put the woman into septic shock, putting her life at risk.

Everyone has different opinions on the matter on wether abortions are wrong or not, but when it comes down to it, abortion has to be available, and it has to be an option for women who genuinly need it.
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so whats the problem, seems like all your facts are in order
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If they want to alter something in their body the let them!...People are getting liposuction and implants and shit so why not? All you stuff looks good.
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Yah, that can be a touchy subject. Like my saying on it is that it's the womans choice and she can do what she feels is right but I understand the perspective that it's wrong. I don't know, maybe it's just because I'm so anti-suicide and shit. I just see it as kind of destroying somethings chance to live the ups and downs of life.

As I said before though, if a woman feels t must be done, then well she does what she has to do.
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yer its a huge and very contraversial topic.

what my view on it is, is that if the woman genuinly needs it (not just for a form of contraception, or coz she dosnt feel like having a kid) then the option should be available to them.

i dunno if i made that clear in the essay.
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what amazes me most about these "pro life (anti choice)" groups are that they seem more concerned about not "killing" fetuses than actually taking care of all those unwanted kids that are already here.
there are too many humans in the world that are killing the environment. the foetus may grow to be a 4x4 driving, selfish obese piece of mierda.
You should include some philosophical point of views as well. Maybe empiricist/rationalist...or even that some people might look at abortion teleologically. Abortion is a little bit more touchy than say Euthanasia and is a hard one to tackle.
if you have belief in ur soul and jesus you can do anything
how do you mean greety?

philosophical point of view? could you give an example

im very open for suggestions, so thank you
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