hey guys,
today i was looking for a new amp and came across the AD50VT. It sounds awesome. I also played the AD100VT and it sounded quite bad. anyone know why?
Apart from different settings being to blame, the voltage difference? That amp uses a valve/tube pre-amp, so in theory you would've had a bit more natural overdrive using the 50 as it would've been cranked more than the 100 to get the same volume. There should be a little knob on the back for changing the voltage on the 100 to get around this problem.

Otherwise I'd say a bad amp ( needs repair maybe ),
I thought it was a vale in the power amp. IT doesn't make a bit of difference IMO.
It's an excellent amp, it can do any style apart from metal really. Sounds like a faulty AD100.

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I own the ad50Vt... at low volumes it sounds very good, and the power control on the back is sort of cool. At higher volumes it just doesn't sound the same, might be the stock speaker, I used the speaker out with a 5150 cab and it sounded somewhat better. The 80's metal (JCM800) emulation is actually pretty good sounding (I use a ZW OD pedal with it). You can definitely play metal on it. But I say don't buy it. I've had it for 2 years virtually problem free but about a month ago I was getting strange crackling sounds and it was unplayable when the power control was turned up past minimum. I've opened it, tried to clean it or fix it but I have not been able to. It's past warranty so I am not sure if I should take it to get fixed or just keep it as a practice amp and buy something new, that is louder, better sounding, etc. I have read a bunch of reviews on Harmony Central and this problem is not just me, it seems to be prominent with the amps in general. I recommend just play with a bunch of different ones at a local store and see what you like more. Just stay away from this series until they work out all the kinks. Good luck! ;-)
i have an ad50vt myself and i love it, great amp for a great price, it really suits the kinda music i play, and the overdrive settings are good enough to satisfy my needs
There isn't a tube in the power amp. It could be the tube in the pre amp, and if you talk to most ADvt owners, they know all about that tube. Otherwise, the AD50VT is a great amp. Owned one for a while, then moved on to a tube amp.
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