When I am picking, should I be picking directly over the pickups, or in the space in-between the pickups (my pickups are 3-single-coils). It seems if I pick directly over the pickups, my pick tends to scrape on the actual pickup because the string is so damn close to it. Also, quick question about picking. So, the bridge pickup is more for lead and solos, and the neck pickup is more for rhythm, is this correct?

Thanks for all the help.
Whatever works for you man!
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Well I just want to know the 'proper' technique. So it isn't bad if I'm not picking directly over the pickups?
It doesnt matter where you pick the strings, there isnt really a technique for it.

And yeh, theres bridge and neck pickups, but there isnt a set "more for soloing and more for rhythm" kind of thing going. Its just different sounds that can be used in different ways.

kkthx =D
same thing happens to me so i always pick between the pickups and if i fall over the pickups i just move an inch , there's no proper , just whatever you prefer and whatever sounds the best , if your hand rest over the pickups and you don't mind or it doesn't make any difference in the audio then it doesn't matter , otherwise just move your picking hand ,
when i play and tap the pickup it throws my rhythm off and sometimes i catch a slight tappy sound from the amp so i avoid the over-the-pickup-picking-technique : )
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Pick around the guitar's sweet spot for pinch harmonics. It becomes easier to bust out pinches while your playing fast or whatever.
For speed picking, I move my hand back to where the strings are alot tighter, for an example of this, go to youtube and check out any of Rusty Cooley's vids. It's easier to speed pick there, because, the strings are not as floppy as they are at the neck pickup.
ive found that (on my guitar at least) you get a much warmer tone by picking where the neck meets the body of the guitar.
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