Jackson DK2 with beautiful Eerie Dess Swirl paintjob. The guitar is used but not abused. Features include:

Alder Body
Bolt-On Maple Neck with Rosewood Fretboard
24 Frets
Double Locking Licensed Floyd Rose Tremolo
Upgraded Pickups (I scrapped the stock pickups for a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker in the bridge ($95 retail), Seymour Duncan Hot Rails in the middle ($80 retail), and a Duncan Performer in the neck ($30 retail))
25-1/2" scale
Scalloped Neck Joint for Upper Fret Access
Sharkfin Inlays

I am asking $350, which is a steal (it is going for $734.99 on musiciansfriend.com)

The electronics and pots are great. The Dimebucker screams and sounds excellent in the Alder body. Great for rock, metal, and just about anything you can imagine playing.

The only imperfection of the guitar is a very small chip on the bottom of the body. It is relatively unnoticeable from the front(see bottom left picture) and will not affect play at all.

Contact me via email at tarskullinfernus@hotmail.com for any information, pictures, offers, etc. Thank you for looking and I hope to do business with you soon.

great guitar, great price! thanks for looking
I have that guitar

I realy suggest to all of you ti buy it . With that pickup setup and only for $300 its a super deal.
Hey, here is a close-up pic of the ding when she was mine:

I got that one from a member of another board. He had switched out the pickups before he shipped it to me. Isn't there a small ding/dent on the tip of the headstock, too? Are you selling her with the Jackson case that she came with? If so, I would be interested in getting her back.


EDIT: btw, that ding happened when one of my daughters knocked over the stand the guitar was in and it hit the edge of my dresser...lol

Oh, and I sent you an email.
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