I oredered a brand new Guild acoustic guitar from Musicians Friend a couple of weeks ago. It plays and sounds great, but does suffer from string buzz when you fret the lower end of the neck. I'm guessing the action is too low, but I wouldn't want it to be much higher. Should I consult a tech to set me up properly, can those guys fix this? Recommendations in the NYC would be a big help. Thanks!
yeah just get it set up. thats probably all it will take but if its something more serious like a twisted neck they will tell you.
i've had the same problem. except i bought my acoustic from GC. for me it was a slightly twisted neck. and im lazy so i just exchanged it. usually necks will get slightly twisted from moisture and temp. from the shipping...of so i;ve heard...so its probably just that. just adjust the truss rod or exchange it....better yet...do what Musicians friend tells you..
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