i just got my first valve head and want to know which order do i use the power and standby switches in detail.
power first, let it sit there for at least 45 seconds, then stand by switch.
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Yep, power switch first then wait a minute for the valves to heat up then use the standby switch. When powering off, first turn the amp into standby then wait maybe 10 sec so the capacitors get rid of most of the potential then turn it off.

And don't open up your amp and screw around inside of it becouse even if you turn it off this way the capacitors could still have a lethal potential.
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U want to to the power swith on let stand for about 2 minutes so the valves (tubes) gt up to working temperature then switch the standby on, and make sure that when it is on that no one touches the tubes as they will servealy burn you. when switching off just turn the stanby off, and the power switch no need for waiting. If u dont let the valves get to their working temperature befor turning the stanby on your valves will not last as long. Thanks Alex