At the moment i'm running all of my amp simulation through the computer using the likes of Amplitube2 etc. However, im using very crappy, low volume speakers that distort like mad when you turn it up.

I'm looking to buy some cheap(ish) speakers to replace these today because i need something better and louder. My computer is really high spec (E6600, 2gb ram) etc and the soundcard produces a latency of only 9ms with a 256mb buffer size.

I've been looking at the M-audio ones as there is a local dealer near my area that i can get some from Click me

Im looking to spend no more than about £75 ($125 or thereabouts) if possible. It doenst have to be some really professional make or model, just something that will give me a nice clearer tone at slightly higher volumes. It will only be used for guitar playing and music related tasks, as i have a 5.1 surround sound for gaming (well that is what i am using now, but only in 2.1)

The back of my Fast-track USB has two balanced phono outputs so the speakers need to be able compatible. I have a phono-phono (red-white to red-white) lead also, but i can also get any missing leads whilst i am there.

Many thanks.

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After I sold my Phoenix monitors (couldn't justify the expense for the home-based noodling I do these days) I got a pair of these:


They're not the greatest and you'll need some stands to place them on because they'll transfer bass frequencies like crazy (thankfully you can adjust the bass and treble on the front). They have two inputs, 1/8" tele and RCA L/R, so you can hook up two audio sources. Overall they're great value for the money. They used to retail for about $130 but I'm not sure they're made any more. The 7-watt version is still available as is the 15-watt digital pair.