Hi everybody!
Great forum, and my first post, so please be gentle with me!!

I'm getting a bit hacked off as I can't seem to get the sound I want, and I'm just about to start with a new covers band.... I'm after that slightly honk overdrive sound, a la Stone Temple Pilots / RHCP / Audioslave etc etc. So basically not full on distortion, but just a bit of an edge.
Equipment-wise I play a Stingray through a Trace 7210. Was considering a BOSS OD-3? Any good? Or can somebody recommend something better?

Thanks guys!

The boss is alright, it cut's a lot off your lows. But it would work quite good for that natural edgy overdrive sound. i suggest a Ibanez PD7, it's better, you have more conntrol over your tone, and you can dial the EXACT sound you want on it, but it does take a lot of fiddling until you find it, but it's worth it.
Ibanez SR505
Ashdown ABM 300 EVO II
Epifani UL410
Digitech Bad Monkey-very cheap but will give you some grit

Electro-Harmonix English Muff'n-pretty expensive but sounds amazing

Electro-Harmonix- Little Big Muff-more distortion than the two above, i prefer it over the russian Muff or the USA muff

Some sort of an Equalizer-dial in the distorted sound you want

or just some Boost Pedal to push your amp

those are all the pedals that ive tried out that fit into this criteria...
You can't get that natural distortion sound out of a muff though, as much as I like mine. It's not that versatile.
Ibanez SR505
Ashdown ABM 300 EVO II
Epifani UL410
Go with the Ibanez PD7. It's twice as cheap and twice as good as the Boss ODB-3. I can dial my tone. Although like hoople said it takes a while because you have to fiddle with it.
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The odb 3 is good but as they said above it does cut your lows out massivly but u get good control over the whole tone and level
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