Is it possible? I think the chip is already the same as the ts-808, so that'd make life easier.

I remember changing 2 resistors.
R55 and R58, to 100ohms and 10k respectively.
I don't have any facts for you, but do you actually have a ts808? If so, you could just replace the two resistors, and test them side by side for similarity.
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Couldn't find anything on converting TS7's to a TS808. If you have a TS9, it's a totally different story though.
EDIT: Looks like I was wrong. Here's the instructions:
*Desolder the IC (it will vary depending on what year your TS7 was made.
*Solder a suitable IC socket in.
*Place your chip of choice into the socket. Common chips include JRC4558D or RC4558P.
*Replace R55 (470 ohm or yellow-purple-brown-gold) with a 100 ohm resistor.
*Replace R58 (brown-black-yellow-gold) with a 10k resistor.

All the instructions can be found here
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yeah im doing this in a couple of months. its cheaper, easier and gets better results than using a TS9
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Can't you just buy a ts-808? Or is this one better than a bought one?

Typically buying an older one (or one that you already have) and modding it to your liking is a lot cheaper, plus the added benefit of getting exactly the tone you want. Plus you can do all kinds of cool mojo things to your effects such as adding a true NOS JRC4558 ic or real tropical fish caps.
Actually, it's way cheaper, and since I have the chip already, I jsut need to pay for 2 resistors.
According to what I know so far though.