right now I'm great at the fairly slower songs...faster ones with power chords are always easy.

i'm looking for ways to speed up solos and playing in general...it just seems hard to finger the frets correctly when playing so fast IMO.
Well practicing any scale helps alot, just practice really slow then speed up to a metronome. Also just learn the solos fast, and eventually graduate them to the right pace.
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it just seems hard to finger the frets correctly when playing so fast IMO.

-Hmm, sound to me like you need more practise... I'll assume the reason you have trouble with finding the frets is because of lack of experiance. The best way to gain speed is by practising slow. Yes, I know it sounds weird but practise slowly and then speed up alittle gradually.
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this question has been asked approximately 99834384 times on UG.. try a search button..

build up your speed using a metronome..
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Metronome metronome metronome

Start at a moderate speed, once you can do it perfectly, with no mistakes, crank it up another 30 bpm and repeat the process

That way you know exactly how much faster you are going. Without a metronome you are jst guessing. Like a Nascar driver without a speedometer, he know he's going fast, but thats all he knows
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where (in the world wibe web) can i find the pieces that suitable for me to practice...? i got the same problem like the threadstarter too
i suggest memorizing the fretboard as best as you can, so learn the cage system and all that crap so when you hit a note, it wont be bogus

also i recommend starting off slow and going moderate than going fast

Id recommend lookin into the work of Mr. RHOADS, melodic but simplistically fast when needed, i think it'l help you
Best thing to do is chromatics

Play 1-2-3-4

Down every string

Then 2-3-4-5

And so and and so forth.

Best thing...ever.
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