You might remember me asking for the best amp under 200. Well now I have expanded my budget to 400. I will be using it for band practices and possibly very small gigs and want it to last a looong time. I'm looking for a Coheed-style crunchy rock type tone but would like to get good clean tones too. I'm playing through a Cort G250 with upgraded Swineshead Pickups. My shortlist-

Peavey Valve King 212
Peavey Classic 30 BT
Laney VC30-212
Laney LC-30 II
kustom quad junior half stack

Valve King 212
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Ok I've decided for the Valveking. The 212 is 100 pounds more than the 112. What benefit would I actually get at reasonably low volumes?
Vc30 x23847328947239
It blows the valveking out of the water. Srsly.
The VC30 is the best of the bunch, but won't do that really crunchy sound you're looking for.
Look for a JCM900 combo used.
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Outa those selections the Laney Vc-30 212 would be the best imo.

But I would suggest looking at ebay.co.uk for a used Jcm 900. That would be the best choice or a Jcm 200 Dsl 401. They are both 2 good amps that would get you a nice Coheed sound!
I've heard the LC-30 is more rock orientated than the VC. Is this true?
The LC is more modern sounding, Brighter and more gain. But I think the vc30 sounds much better still.
I'd get the smaller valveking, teh 112, and then with the money left over you can put a set of groovetubes and possibly a new speaker. with the upgrades, the valveking sounds twice as good