Since I'm not a very experienced guitar player, I prefer the fretboard of the guitars I use to have inlays to help me when I'm learning songs. However... the Epiphone Goth line doesn't have any inlays besides the one in the middle of the fretboard. So, my question is: Is it possible to take your guitar to a shop where they can drill some inlays into the fretboard? How common are these shops and how much will it cost me? Thanks in advance.
hmm.. do you think that's wise? sounds like a permanent solution to a temporary problem..
most inlay-less guitars i seen usually have dots on the binding of the fretboard so that you still have a guide of where your playing
Ah, I never thought of that before... the whole dots on the binding thing. I'll try solely using those dots on my current guitar to see how I like it. Thanks azn_guitarist.
After a while, you develop the ability to just play without even looking, more playing by feel. The markers on the side of the neck are more helpful to me anyway, as guitars like SGs don't have the helpful dots, just trapezeses. You will find with time you only need glance at the dots for reference, so don't worry.
If it's really a problem and the markes on the side of the fretboard aren't enough, there seems to be plenty of people selling fake inlay decals on ebay. That might be a better temporary solution than something permanent like routing the fretboard.
Geez, just use tippex, or that correction fluid or whatever you call it.
But drilling isn't wise.
Mainly because it is permanent, and whats more, is that it is only a temporary problem.
my epiphone dot studio didnt have inlays either but i got used to it quickly. it looks rad on some guitars
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after a while, you don't really need the inlays.. well.. aesthetic value..