I have just recived my first kit for building an effect. But as I read the directions, I tells me to but (for example) C1 here, Q3 there, etc. My question is, how do I know which component is which? The resistors don't say R1 R2 R3, the capicitors dont say C1 C2 C3 all of the parts dont. Can someone please help me?


Wow, um, do you actually have any idea of what you're doing?
Your kit should come with a parts list, schematic or PCB layout, which will have the values of each component and their corresponding numbers. Match these up and you're good to go.
What kit was it by the way?
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yeah.the resistors have diffrent colors on them.and by the colors you can tell which resistor r1 and so on..the resistor r1 has a number of Ohms and the color stripes on the resistors tells which amount of Ohms each resistor got.and you can have like 10 resistors that have the same amount of Ohms and then it doesnt matter which you put were. and those color-codes i cant read but here is something you can find useful.its a site that tells you by entering the colors which amount of Ohms the resistors got:


i hope its not too confusing, and i hope my help has been any good
thanks youve helped some.

I read over the schematic again, but how do I tell the capicators apart?
they all are the same color. When I look at the shematic for example C7 is .01 mfd.
but how do I know which one of my capicators is that one?

Small bear (which is where you got the kit I'm assuming) has a list of all the parts on their website. Also look back at those links on how to read resistors and caps and you should be good.