ok you all remember the movie crossroads ? with steve vai and ry cooder ?

remember at the end when the karate kid is having a guitar duel with Vai and after vai finished his train impersonation on guitar... the kid retaliates with his own choo-choo train blues, you remember that ? I could listen to something like that ALL DAY
especially with that slide.

so i guess some southern influenced slide playin train blues... ( does anybody follow me yet ? ) is what im lookin for.

or remember at the end of the duel, when the kid finally wins and Vai storms off the stage ? willie brown kicks in with his harmonica, drums come in with a smooth steady beat and the kid starts riffin and jammin along. If anybody understands what im tryin to say and knows what kind of music im lookin for...

gimme a band and an album please

thanks alot
I don't know about "train blues", but you should definitely listen to the Allman Brothers Band and songs like Trouble No More, Statesboro Blues and pretty much any other ABB song for great slide guitar playing from Duane Allman
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im downloadin some as we speak, I just caught midnight rider and statesboro blues, i like it.

should i get ''Beginnings?'' thats the album that combines their first 2 albums all on one cd

or if theres somethin else ( album ) like what ?
"At Filmore East" is the quintessential Allman Brother's songs and is generally regarded as one of the greatest recorded live performances of all time.

There's plenty of wicked slide solo's and lenghtly instrumentals by Duane and lot's of Harmonica solos etc. etc. Get the whole thing.

Lynyrd Skynyrd also used a slide a lot, although not in a solo context as much as Duane. But check out stuff like "Mr. Banker", "Same Old Blues" and "Ballad of Curtis Loew" for some wicked slide solos. Oh, Freebird's got a classic slide riff too (but no solo with it).

Those two bands are pretty much the best Southern Rock/Blues your ever gonna find. Maybe with a bit of CCR in there, but they weren't from the South.

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Check out the Allman brothers band, Derek Trucks Band, Gov't Mule, Sonny Landreth, and maybe some Little Feat.

Here are some videos that I think would fill your "train blues" request:

Gov't Mule w/ Sonny Landreth- on your way down (a little feat tune):

Derek Trucks Band- key to the highway:

Sonny Landreth- native stepson:
Not exactly what you're looking for, but you can check out some Son House.
^ +1 on the Son House.

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Ry Cooder played the slide parts in crossroads. Definatly check out some of his stuff.
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Ry Cooder played the slide parts in crossroads. Definatly check out some of his stuff.

Quote by Friedmaniac
Ry Cooder played the slide parts in crossroads. Definatly check out some of his stuff.

+1, but definitely check out Allman Bros., too.
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I'm sure that a lot of people will disagree with me here... But I'd say pick up some of The Black Crowes material. Robinson is a good slide player IMO (but I haven't heard many people play slide, so I'm sure that's an ignorant statement...).

You should check out anything by Derek Trucks (who is currently playing with the Allman Brothers Band). He is an amazing guitar player. He fingerpicks from what I've seen, and the slide solo that I saw was INCREDIBLE. He's awesome at what he does, and if you are looking for good slide playing, he is a great place to start.

I've heard a little bit of Sonny Landreth (and I'm gonna get to see him in about a month ) and he's an awesome slide player.
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