I'm pretty sure there isn't any other Heavens thread, so enjoy! Discuss anything and everything about it. Personally I think he did a good job on Gardens.

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Yeah, it's a good project. I've always prefered Matt's stuff in the Alkaline Trio, and his voice really works well with this style of backing.
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Yeah I was pleasantly suprised with this band, they have the same vibes as Alk3, but it is still a new direction so it means we still get Matts music, which for me is all that matters.

But, that said it would have been nice to have Matt try something more wayward of his "safe" zone, in regards to his voice, either pushing it further (I know its not perhaps the best thing, given his history) or really toning it down like Blue in the Face.
A lot of the singing on Patent Pending kind of drones, he doesn't try anything big outside his Alk3 range, but I honestly don't think he can go that far. Other than that I loved it, Dead End Girl, Heather, and Annabelle were my favorites.
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I dunno I've seen a couple of Trio gigs where hes on the boarder of screaming, so you know its always an avenue he hasn't explored. But yeah I must admit it is easy ground for him.
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Well hopefully Heavens can make another album, and he can "expand" his singing some more, maybe even into Alk3 also.
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