so im planning to build a guitar this summer with my dad who is a woodshop teacher but he's never built a guitar. Any web site suggestions or suggestions in general?
For an acoustic guitar it is important to read up on the subject before you start anything. Building a guitar is compleatly different than other types of wood working so even if your dad is a woodshop teacher you will still need to do the right amount of study 1st.

Get the bood Guitarmaking, tradition and technology by William Cumpiano. It is a must have for anybody that want to build a guitar. A good set of blueprits helps a lot too. I like the blueprints you can get from www.lmii.com.
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thanks guys, yeah we've been reading up on it a lot. we're planning on building a classical because that would be simpler right?
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thanks guys, yeah we've been reading up on it a lot. we're planning on building a classical because that would be simpler right?

No, the simplest guitar to build would be an electric, but for acoustic I think so.
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Classical guitars are not any easier to build than steel string guitars. The only step that you have on a steel string that you don't have on a classical is routing the truss rod, but on a classical you have a slotted headstock and that more than makes up for it.

At the end of the day they are both about the same, but it takes more experiance to build a really good classical.
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i thought that the absence of the truss rod and the lesser amount of tension would make a classical easier to make.
Nope. The truss rod is really easy to do. It's a 5 min job. Cutting the slotted headstock is more difficult than the truss rod.

Everythingt about the sound of a guitar has to do with ratio and %. I'm not exactly sure what the exact tension of the strings are on a steel string or on a classical but for the sake of argument lest say the string tension on a steel string is twice the tension on a classical. That would mean that small mistakes are twice as likely to be apperent in the sound on a classical. It would mean that every 1/8" off you are on a classical would be the equivilant of 1/2" off on a steel string. So actually building a classical guitar is no more difficult but building a good sounding classical guitar is much more difficult.
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Allow me to provide some numbers (by courtesy of d'Addario.com)
A medium set of nylons tuned up to pitch does a combined pulling power of 36,38 kg
A set of hard nylons do only a few K's more; 39,41 kg
A set of 0,010 steel strings will pull 61,27 kg at the bridge. The great challenge for the luithier is not this string tension, however. It is the huge difference between this number and that of the strain put on the construction by a set of heavy gauche strings; 90,45 kg. That means that a steel string flat top can never be build to small tolerances like a classical. Big tolerances in engineering always mean ease of manufacturing.
You could get an acoustic "build-pack" from Martin, it has all that you need (including instructions) and it only costs like $399 in guitarcenter.
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well we kinda figured the fun was figuring out all this business and doing what we can ourselves. but anyways, thats very interesting about the tension. i suppose we should reconsider our choices. thanks for the tips guys.