Good morning UG. Just dropped in to let you guys know, my band has recently been competing in a big battle of the bands. Started off with 12 bands in the first of 3 rounds, and now its down to 4 bands, us being the youngest, sophomores in highschool. We're playing against some pretty good bands with lots of local recognition, but we are also on the rise in the local scene. 1st place gets 300 american dollars, and so on until you get to 4th place gets 75 bucks.

So, UG, i come to you with a question. What should i do (within the realm of reason and common sense) do sway the judges votes?

Here is a link to some videos of us playing live, im the guy on the far left, playing bass, except for the song "No name" which i play the Gibson SG, which belongs to the lead guitarist/singer. I usually have a michigan state hat on, so please, and suggestions/CONSTRUCTIVE criticism?

Congrats dude, hope you win.

Edit: Turn the bassist up, I can barely hear him.
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Seriously amazing bass skills man!
Great songs too!
Goodl luck hope you win!!
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yea, i couldnt really hear the bass at all, but what i could kicked ass. good work, keep it up, ect, kick theyre asses and show em what sophomores can do!


good luck btw
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You guys are great for sophomores, I'm your age but can't write anything that good.
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Congrats dude, hope you win.

Edit: Turn the bassist up, I can barely hear him.

I give you a big fat +1
Hell yeah dude! Kick their asses!!
And I'll tell you what our drummers teacher told us,

"Jump around and shit, act like ****ing rockstars on the stage, aryt?"
U guys r awssome. Good luck. Turn up the bass though can't really hear it.
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u guys r good, the singing sounds really good, as well as the instruments.

just try to jump around alot mor and groove abit, and dont just stand there. assuming you were the bassist ( i couldnt really understand ur post as the the bassist was on the far right and u said u were on the left :confused you did a good job moving around, tell your bandmates just keep most of their body moving when playing, like u did.

good luck in the finals
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I feel sorry for the drummer, he gets stuck with a guitarist who can't hold a rhythm to save his life and a vocalist in the middle of a heavy-flow month.
More stage presence would help. I really liked your balls of steel intro.
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That was good, just turn up the bass, rhythm, and tell your bassist to take off that billboard!
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what happened near the end? did you screw up or something? looked like some confusion was going on or something. but you did good, i like that you're actually playing solos! maybe there are some bands left that aren't scene kids just trying to impress girls.
yeah we're pretty proud of that. we play music because we like to, for the fun of it, not to make money or get chicks.
i dont NEED a guitar for that
If you can, find out what music the judges like.

We had a Battle Of The Bands at school and our headmaster was one of the judges. One of his favourite bands is Supergrass, so my friend's band played Pumpin' On Your Stereo and some other songs in the same sort of genre. They won the first night and are through to the final. So yeah, a little bit of research can help a lot.
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Man that's badass.

YESS!!!! We got 2nd place, and considering we were the only sophomore band and everyone else was like 18-21 thats pretty damn good. We got 200 dollars, which is totally sweet, and now we're making band t-shirts, and everybody who used to make fun of me and our band beacause they thought we sucked now love us and are helping promote us!!!
not to mention after the show i asked out this girl i'd been pursuing and we watched borat and i laughed until the cows came home.

Today=good day.

Big Hugs,
Awesome, you should change your name though, sounds too much like Hinder.
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