I was looking through some venue websites and I found a awsome lineup. It is:

Necrophagist (headlining)
Cattle Decapitation
Cephalic Carnage
Ion Dissonance

And 3 more TBA's. Im so excited but Im just wondering if this is a one time show or if these bands are all touring. Its not untill june though. I just cant find any info about it.
I saw the name and figured it was a tour, but when I looked for tickets the only ones I could find are for the one near me. But thanks.
Decapitated are one of the best live acts i've ever seen, ****ing awesome
This sounds amazing. Necrophagist + Decapitated = t3h sex. I just hope to god they come to Canada's lesser cities and hopefully during the time I'm here.
Whoa, really really good line up. Anyone know the tour dates?
Ride the dragon toward the crimson eye...

Vaginal Destruction

^ Do you like sludgey stoner/doom? Well then you should try Vaginal Destruction
Only one I have found is Jaxx club in virginia june 3rd. The lineup is great and on jaxx homepage it says 3 more national TBA's