I currently own an unnamed China made SX guitar, Based on Mexico, it is a great guitar, dont get me wrong, But it came with a different approach, I wanted a Clean, crisp Distortion (Classic/Sleaze kinda thing) but this guitar Delivered a killer, chunky tone, more of a Punk kinda thing, which im not really into...

so...Heres my question...

Epiphone Gold Top 56' Reissue?


Ibanez RG370DX?

Basicly, heres a rundown on each of these guitars...

The Epiphone Gold Top 56' Reissue is a Fixed Bridge Guitar ( String-thru, in other words) which results in less hassle, a three way selector, new manufactured Pickups Fresh From Epiphone, Which delievers a Clean Kinda Distortion, the holy grail of low budgetted gibsons, really, but of course, there is no floyd rose, and there are only 22 frets....I play all kinds of music from Classic Rock to neo-classical(Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, John Petrucci) and some uses 24 frets......(and I get a free gator case if I buy it)

The Ibanes RG370DX has a Floyd Rose Fixed unto it, 5-way selector, and Infinity Pickups, a pickup designed for real heavy things, this of course, lengthens my music range...But then the sound isnt really all that great, the sustain is no better, and its very high maintenence, costly as well...

So, which one do I get?




Opinions are highly appreciated, thanks
No rly?

Ya rly.
Les Paul.
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Yeah... Les Paul for sure. Ibanez won't have the sound you want.
Yeah, if the clean classic tone is what you want, it's the Goldtop. The Ibanez would just me more of the same with the deep chunky tone. Unless, you pickup up an artcore or sa series, but, everything should be based on how well you like it when you play it.
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Les Paul, for sure.
Ibanez only makes good basses... unless you sell both arms and a leg for a good Ibanez guitar.
I have an SX Strat and replaced the PUPS and now its a great guitar. I used a Wired Pick Guard from guitarfetish.com
My SX Strat is the SX SST62 candy apple red.

Here is a pic.

Heres a link to it on Rondo, they are out of the red at the moment.

'56 reissue is gonna have some kind of P-90's for pups if I'm not mistaken. Basically hotrodded single coils. Other than that, well it's got a 3 way selector because it's got two pickups. There's not really any call for any more selector positions. To Floyd or not to Floyd. Well, do you use it? If not, the stoptail makes for quicker tuning, quick drop-D which seems to be popular these days.