Hi i need to know a part of this song pls (Bass)

It's Can't touch me (From Peter Griffin)


I know the first part at the bass its

l --------------0-3------5

That the first part but after there another part i dont know if u cant tell me what i try a lot of thing but...

(You can hear the part i've write but after i dont know what is it that change its when peter said Can't touch me for the second time(Its at 00:09 second))

Thx in Advance

(English is not my first language so some word can be false... Sry)

(If im not right for the First part tell me it and if u dont understand just tell me all the song i have to play (its alway the same thing...))
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Well this song is a 'sound a like' of MC Hammer's: "Can't Touch This"... I'd suggest looking for a tab for that it might help... but it might also be in a different key.