i really need help to choose an electric guitar....an epiphone les paul special 2 or a squire stratocaster...so can anione help mi??
I'll be frank, theyre both really bad guitars, but if i had to choose between them Id say special II
No rly?

Ya rly.
Starter guitar?
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Get a Schecter 006-Deluxe or Omen-6. It's a bit more expensive than the ones you mentioned, but way worth it.
My first guitar was an epiphone les paul special II. Its not that bad of a guitar, just the "humbuckers" aren't any good. Its easy to play and you can get them in nice finishs. I never bothered to try a Squeir so..
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Starter guitar?
Yamaha pacifica 012/112

definately this are good guitars, wish i had them as my starter guitar
yea dude go with a yamaha. their starter guitars ROCK! i had one for my first guitar, and i freakin loved it. actually i could still shred my ass off on it i think. but needs a string change.
yamahas.... hate them. Squier all the way
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