It's nice to see you all again after so long. I'm back with a good question.

No, really, it's a good'un. Google couldn't help me.

At work we have a satellite music system which plays random songs in a random loop 24/7. There's one that keeps playing and it's getting to me. When I search for the lyrics on Google it gives me NOTHING! It sounds like a bloke with a Rod Stewart like voice singing it. Slow and acousticy sounding.

*clears throat*
The lyric-bits that I've caught are:

"...a body that goes on for miles..."
"...better than a fantasy..."
"...only child..." (not useful but worth a go)

and the chorus goes along the lines of:
"She's a beauty queen,
And if you're gonna cry, cry for me,
'Cause from here on the ground, the truth I have found,
Is we all fall down"

If anyone can tell me what this muffing song is, I'll owe them cookies and big love.
wow, ive tried search all of those lines, and cant find a single result.

sorry i couldnt be of more help, but it looks like you have a tough one.
I used Soundhound on the song & found out what it was.

Beauty Queen by Ben's Brother