I know the head isn't the greatest... but do you think, tone wise, it would sound good/great powering a 2 x 12" fitted with vintage 30's?

Or can you suggest a good/cheap tube head. (I know it's kind of a rhetorical question)
Valve Juniors are awesome. They sound pretty Marshally, and their OD is sweet. They're pretty much my perfect match for tone, my next amp will be an Epi Blues Custom

It's voiced like a vintage amp and is pretty Marshally as I said, if you like Clapton it's a match made in heaven.
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^ it is a really nice amp when i played it....and its actually quite loud

another nice small tube amp is the orange tiny terror... however its like 500 dollars and it has a darker voice... and it can be switched to seven watts and 15 watts depending how loud you need (and of course it also has a volume control)
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The VJ is the best amp I've heard for <£200 in the UK. I mean, sure, there's better stuff out there for everything really, but I love the tone and it suits my own material pretty damn well too.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
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its a great amp.

and now i can tell you actually think its vavle, its spelled valve.

God I'm queer. I knew it was spelled differently... but my spell check didn't account for my stupidness. I guess I'll try one out at GC or something.

Thanks guys.
It's an extremely cool little amp. Nothing comes close to it for the price. Other companies make 5W anps that cost twice as much or more, and don't sound as good. Truly amazing.

And I run mine thru my Mesa 2x12 loaded with Celestion V30's, and I think it sounds spectacular.
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heh, i don't like it with v30's... i guess I should try it again with them, though.

it's a nice amp, though. I thought it couldn't sound good for £100 either. I was wrong.
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