What is up with all this labelling. Now-a-days, you get made fun of for the type of music you listen to??? I can understand for not liking something, but when you don't like something then automatically label it as crap and tell the person that their music choice sucks, that's crossing the line. RESPECT PEOPLE"S CHOICE. Seriously, who cares if your friend, or even you listen's to Green Day, let 'em listen. I am sick of this. Who cares how much talent it took to make an album, or who they are targeting the album at, if you like it, listen, if you don't buy something else. Now what this has caused, is something even bigger. The type of music you listen to classifies you as something, just the other day I was listening to Dead Kennedys and lo and behold someone walks up to me and says "where's your leather jacket?" Is it harming you that people are listening to something that you don't like? Arrgghh I hate it.
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I never get shit for my music, except when I was told Opeth should sing more about Satan and less about moors.
I used to be an idiot like that, Only liking the music I listen to and hating everything else. Now I have a big range of music I listen to and I've learned to respect others music. There are still genres I hate but I usually keep it to myself.
but it aint house music that makes me want to dance.
My sister always tells me my music is crap because I listen to Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash. But then again she's all into classical music.

I think the main reason for this is that bands like Green Day who slap out a new album full of crap with one "hit" single really insult people who respect good talent and good music.

I'm not trying to push my opinion... just trying to point out that many people take offense to music which lies to and cheats it's buyers.
everyone at my school listens to pop and rap, and I listen to heavy metal, and some how that heavy metal has me labelled as t"emo" kid. lol