im selling all my stuff in order to get new stuff. Here it is. I am intrested in trades just tell me and ill consider.

IbanezGAX70 perfect codition new- $200.00 selling for $150.00
Squier Fat Strat great condition new- around $180.00 selling for $90.00
Crestwood Acuostic 6 String perfect condition- $150.00 new selling for $100.00
Fender Frontman 40 watt perfect condition- $200.00 new selling for $150.00
Digitech RP80 pedal board perfect condition- $85.00 new selling for $65.00

Like i said i am intrested in trades. I am looking for a Crate Half stack, Fender standard strat either MIM or MIJ, Distorion pedal, or a crate 80- 100 watt amp. thanks
pics of the squire will you please kind sir?
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