I've never purchased an acoustic guitar before. Want tsomething cheaper to take camping that WILL get beat up.

I thought instead of buying some new guitar that won't last that long, I decided to price wintage acoustics on e-bay. Some of the Kay archtops are cheaper than buying a new plywood guitar. Also seen some cool looking silvertones and airline acoustics. Anybody had experience with these? Or am I better off not taking the risk of getting soemthing that has a dry tone and buzzing frets and just getting newer one?
I don't know about the Kay but a great guitar for just mucking about on is the Washburn D10S. You'll want a solid top. You can get some guitars very cheap by Vintage with solid tops. What is your budget? Look in the thread that's stickied, you might see something you like there. But if you can't afford a solid top then your best best is the Yamaha F310 which has a laminate top. They are ok but after a couple years of owning one it ill sound dead. Which is also why you don't buy laminate tops on ebay if you buy them at all, you'd have to get it new for the same price that you would get a solid top used.
Don't really have a budget neadless to say, just want something that if it gets broke around campfire, I won't cry.

That's why I'm kind of looking into those vintage guitars on ebay, they're in that price range and really cool looking. (i'm into that vintage vibe.)
You could get a washburn d10s for about $150 on ebay or about $200 new. Also look into yamaha fgs.

If you want something vintage, just make sure you do your research on it first and make sure it is a solid top.
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