ok so i have a gibson les paul special with gibson deluxe tuners. I dropped it and two of the tuners broke off. I can't find any deluxe tuners around here, and on the internet i can only find the pack of 6 ( cant buy single ones).

So im thinking im just buying these other tuners from the shop that are supposedly a step up from the deluxe's and putting them on and taking the deluxes off. would i be able to install them myself? and is it recommended to use diff tuners on a guitar?
If you are going to swap them out be very sure you have the correct measurements.
It's a good idea to replace tuners. Try to get Sperzel locking tuners, they keep your guitar in tune and they are great. Try Schaller and Grover as well, because they are great too.
So what is needed to change them? Do you just unscrew them or do you need some kind of special training for this?
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no training is required but the mounting screw might need to be redrilled on the back of the headstock

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