i know this is probably the wrong forum for this but i thought that it fit best since his albums are primarily just bass and where better to admire a bassist than in the bass forum.

i've been listenign to him alot lately and using his lessons to get better and all i can say is he is so good and such a good teacher. you wouldn't think that such a good bassist could explain himself so well but he can. also i find that the way he goes with music is so nice, his songs just follow a nice groove and it feels really spiritual. i just had to say how good i thought he was and wondering on other people's opinions
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I suggest not to make this kind of threads..

You put Victor Wooten, Then someone wants to put Jaco Pastorious, Les Claypool, Larry Graham, John Entwisle, or any other great bassist.

And the forum ends up packed.
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sorry but i have no problem with everyone talking about who inspires them then that inspiration will spread to everyone
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Hes my favorite bassist
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I don't know man. He's good and all I just can't dig what he does. I prefer an equal meshing band and when he does his stuff with Bela Fleck or one of his own albums or whatever it's way too bass oriented as opposed to a mix. I don't necessarily mind bass oriented music but his is so unapproachable to me. I dig Jaco and Geddy because they're great for awesome grooves and licks not necessarily for there crazy out there techniques like Wooten.
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The man obviously can play bass better than most people on Earth. Not my style of music though.
I really like him, not just for the wow factor, listen to stopmping grounds. One of my fave Bela Fleck songs.
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Wooten is god man. Hes the guy that inspired me to play bass and is a true legend. Anyone seen the DVD of him live at Bass Day 98? Thats cool man!
He's great at bass but his music just doesn't do it for me.
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I admire the talent and dedication, and I like what he's done with Bela Fleck for the most part.