I understand the beginners tabs, but
When you got a tab chart laid out for a song, and there are alot of numbers on top of eatchother, i don't understand? I get the 1 string concept, even the 2 string in the part 2, but there isn't an example where they are on top of eatchother, like so


Now i do understand this

But i don't understand how the top to bottum goes,
The song im trying to learn is Keith urbans stupid boy, I kindof got the rythem but i don't understand the tabs that we have. Im new, so the only song i know is amazing grace. Which is fine with me, but id' like to learn more.

If somone could explain... it would be nice
It's a chord.
You would finger all those frets at once and strum down with your pick.
for the first diagram the (0232xx) it means that you have to put your fingers on all the notes at the same time. so you will be putting nothing on the top string, a finger on the second fret on the second string, a finger on the third fret on the third string, and a finger on the second fret of the fourth string. all at the same time, then strum all the strings.
Its a Chord... you play all of those at one time...
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I gues whats throwing me off is the numbers, because like on Stupid boy they arn't the same numbers XD lol then again i dunno... im a nooby guitar... o well