keep it quick. i have an ibanez sa220 and a 40 watt solid state amp.
i dont want a specific new sound, but i want to continue to upgrade my equipment and i want something to refresh my outlook on playing so i'll enjoy it more.
if i were to get a new amp it would be a tube amp obviously, and if i were to get a new guitar it would probably be a fender strat, just cuz there's some nice ones at my guitar store. should i get a new amp or a new guitar?
It all depends on what you've got. If your guitar is crap, get a new guitar. If your amp is crap, get a new amp. If you only have one guitar, but play in a bunch of different tunings, go for the second for convenience purposes. If your Ibanez doesn't have a whammy bar, I'd say Strat because I love to play with whammy bars.
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