Perhaps a Incubus, Muse (I've been told Ruins sounds Musey), indieish sound.

The songs are as follows:
Ruins - Plug In Baby style oscillation intro (Fuzz Factory), faster tempo, pretty catchy for me anyway.
Pandemonium - Heaviest song there I think
Shortfall - Pretty old song, we don't play it too often but we thought it would be nice to record it.
My Island - Over 7 minutes long (the guitars aren't too audible because of the drums bleeding into my mic so i can't be boosted further), most conceptual song or whatever the word is.

All recorded in about an hour using three instrument mics, one on me, one on the drums, and our singer using one as a vocal mic, with the bassist going straight into the mixer.

I will return any crit and might be able to get the bassist and drummer to do likewise so possibly 3 crits in return for yours.

Also we are all 15-16, about to GCSEs. It was all recorded in one take all at once except for Ruins which we redid cause of a **** up I believe.
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Shortfall I'm not fan of your clean sound, but I like it when the distortion comes in. The chorus is quite nirvana like, whether you interpret that as a compliment is up to you lol. The vocals are quite obviosly "the weakest link", not very tuneful at all.

Pandemomium - Nice riff there, really like it. Again same problems with the vocals, perhaps try adding a little more reverb to them, to, quite frankly, cover them up more. I like thsi song more then the previous one.

Ruins, yes that is a nice riff, not that museish though, although I can see where whoever said that is coming from. It's quite cliche actually. Thinking about it at least your singer has the confidence to do the quirkier singing style. The hi-hat ought to be louder on the drums, when it plays the fast 16ths.

My island - the intro does scream long psychedelic/prog jam. Again the vocals need to be more tuneful. THe quality starrts to sound bad ones the drums come in properly. Apart from that I rather like that part. It's good when it comes back into the heavy part, bat the quality is pretty bad. The bass is too loud. Nice climax at the end as well. It is quite long but i was jamming along so thats ok

Thanks for the crit. Don't worry about your other band members, don't make them sign up to Ug just to crit me or something lol
The guitars in My Island are actually doing more than it sounds like in the Fuzzed bit they are just drowned really in the mix. It makes the song a lot more interesting from my point of view because I know what's happening but I can see that for a listener it would perhaps be a bit bland. Yes I agree the clean doesn't sound too good in Shortfall, I was never really pleased with it. I'll see what I can do with it.

That's all I can really say because I just play the guitar parts apart from thanks for the crit.