While I've got my strat apart, I'd like to switch out all of the so-so mexican electronics. which replacements (pots, 5 way switch) should i buy? pups are SD TB-4 in the bridge and american noiseless pups in the neck and mid.

are good pots and switches available at guitar center or other electronics stores?

I haven't noticed anything different between the pots and switches of MIA and MIM Strats since the few I've seen look the same. The noticeable difference that I've seen are between the MIJ and MIM/MIA. The MIJs have Japan printed on them and often, the MIJ switches have a white plastic enclosure instead of metal.

However, if you're noticing weird noises, you may just need to re-solder them or maybe even shield the cavities. Good Luck.

what is it that people mean when they say that MIM electronics are so-so and should be replaced to get a better sound? just pups? i don't have any noises and i checked all the solder joints when i installed the new pups. theres not a problem, i was just looking for that little bit extra, i've got a thing with tinkering...everything has to be perfect. kinda why i chose to build up a MIM instead of buying a MIA and leaving it alone.
If the electronics work, keep'em.
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