Today i was at my local guitar shop (first time in ages) and i was in there for a large amount of time, this guy i met played a bronze warlock for the whole time, good job it was un-amped and he can play well (the good amps were in the closed off part of the shop) anyway I tried:

A Hamer guitar (FM top FR trem, strat shape) Played really well, would buy it if it was cheaper
A Maverick (Strat shape string through body design) played dodgily, hated it.
An Ibanez (RGT something RG/strat shape two hums hardtail) )Loved it, overall the best guitar i played, i love the nez!
Fender mexican tele (just a tele ) Played really well the only bad thing was the looks of the headstock but i don't mind that!

Anyway then i got onto PRS (SE's proper PRS's gibsons american fenders etc were in other part) and Epiphone, I liked these guitars but not as much as alder strat type guitars so i decided to try them see how they were, and the PRS I tried first (PRS double cutaway, halfmoon inlays) was pretty damn good, I liked it. then i tried an Epi les paul standard. . .hated it. The neck was fine but the strings were just stupidly hard to bend or vibrato or anything, plus the single cutaway on it wasnt very easy to use (Unlike the tele) then i tried a PRS Santana SE And I was in love, i may actually buy one when i have the cash, and then i tried an Epi SG it was better than the les paul but still the strings were harder to bend and vibrato.

Is this with all epi's or what? Cos the ones i tried (would've tried the black beauty but my friends wanted to leave) were hard to play.

But I have made a not so odd discovery, PRS's are amazing!
Wtf, they had higher gauge strings? >_> Nah...that would seem almost...logical.
No the strings were 9s possibly 10s and it wasnt cos they were thicker it was almost like well one the neck was sticky and the frets/fretboard was stopping them from going all the way.

And yeah I loved that guitar I really want one
did the prs's you tried have a tremolo? because that makes bends alot easier in my opinion
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i Heard that stores use higher gauge strings on the guitars so that they will have a longer "Shelf Life"
For Instnace, .009's are gonna break alot quicker than .011's. So if you want to buy a Les Paul or SG Epiphone, just buy lower gauged strings for bending. Pretty Simple.
Usually, if the store is privately owned, and not corparate, they'll change the strings for you if you tell them you are interested in purchasing that certain guitar.
I myslef prefer .009's, because they are great for bending, but aren't super light, like .008's or .007's. Ive never really known anyone go lower than 8 though.
And Yes, PRS' are becoming more and more popular, and can compete with the big guys(Fender and Strat). They believe in high quality worksmanship instead of simply copying other styles. They're pretty nice.
I'm not interested in buying one i just heard they're good to play and they felt horrible, and strat is a guitar by fender. also PRS are already competing with the highest end, i only just played on though and I guitargasmed!