WITHOUT getting new pickups (as I can't afford them just yet). My amps tone is pretty clear as I've tested it with a better guitar. Is there anything I can do to my existing pickups to improve tone somewhat? They sound extremely muddy. Any help appreciated since I really don't know how to explain it better
i actually have no idea if this applies to basses, but pickups being too close to strings on guitars causes a muddy tone? maybe you need to lower them?

don't take my word for it though, wait for someone who knows more about basses, this is just a suggestion.

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Tone knob. Mess with it. If not... your only real alternative is to get new pickups despite you saying not to say it.
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I had this problem with my first bass (Ibanez GAXB-150). The difference when I got a new bass was amazing, so mcuh clarity, even on my rubbish amp.

I say you should get new pickups, it'll be worth it. Bartolini's preferably.
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What's your setup?

It will help me to help you.
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^ Yeah, we need to know, amps, cabs, and bass.

Otherwise, try picking near the bridge.
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Amp settings, dude. Kill the low-mid of you can. Raise the treble. Ease off on the bass. Play close to the bridge.
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