ok pretty much the same deal as alot of people. i have a band(i play lead guitar) we have guitar,back-up guitar,singer, and drummer all we need is a bass player.We play hardrock, heavy metal and really any cool rock. You really just have to love hard rock and want to really be in a band.You have to be somewhere in michigan area. redford,livonia,dearborn,bloom field and michgan place within a half to 45 minutes away from redford. ages 12-15.People say i should play with older peole like in there 20's but for now 12-15 is good.

Yeah I live in ann arbor, im 16, and Ill have a car soon. I have been playing bass for about three years now, and I am looking for a Band. if interested let me know.
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yo i'm in a "full" band also, the only thing we need is a singer/screamer. we like hardcore/metalcore/deathmetal shit, although i am the only person besides our bassist who comes up with anything musically, and everything we come up with sounds nothign remotely close to hardcore. we live in woodhaven, about 40 minutes south of livonia, where sum of my family lives, but if u wanna sing or scream & shit, gives us a holler on our myspace at


just suggesting that if u cant find a bassist, maybe a band w/ a bassist can find you...
oh, and we are all about 16
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