I've been playing the guitar for about 2 years and I've got a couple of problems I still can't fix. If anyone has any good Ideas for these It would be great.

1. Synchronizing the left and right hand- Almost every time I seem to get on a roll my hands seem to lose each other and my playing falls apart

2. Reach- For some songs I try to play he reach isn't there, are there any good excercises to strengthen this

3. This is something I like to call Music ADD I know its not somehing excecise can help but I was jut wondering if I was the only one with it. Basically it is when I try to learn a new song I'll lear maybe the first few riffs then I'm off to anothert song without realizing it. I'll be trying to play a solo and if I cant get there i Just leave it.

So if theres any help for the first two let me know
hey, you're almost like me, and i've been playing for two years too!


basically i just practice, and eventually i'll get it. what do you mean by "he reach isn't there " anyway?
for 1. and 2. try steve vais ten hour work out or excercises from john petrucci's rock discipline or wild stringdom. and im the same as u in 3. its ****ing annoying