I'm wanting a guitar that'll do these styles well, mostly GnR, early Metallica, Zeppelin and then just some loud thrashy rock, and if it does decent cleans, that'd be a bonus.

For those stlyes I reckon a Les Paul is pretty much the standard instrument used, and as far as I'm aware, other than Gibson, Epiphone and Tokai and the only Les Pauls to consider, although I could be wrong.

Are there any other guitars you can recommend for these styles? My price range is about £800
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check my GOTM, that will do you great, the problem is finding one where you are
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Dude that guitar looks fantastic, I doubt I'll find one if they're as hard to come by as you say, but I'll certainly keep a look out.

EDIT: Are there any other good FR equipped guitars in my price range for the styles I wanna do?
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