Well i have a friend thats trying to learn guitar and his guitar has very bad strings that are very uncomfortable on his fingers. He decided to put nylon strings on. Everything is fine, but the problem is that the guitar consistently goes out of tune. Could it be that the nylon strings shouldnt be on the acoustic or what? Any help would be needed. I haven't come across this problem yet, so sorry if im talking like a noob haha. Myguess is that the neck is used to more pressure, so the nylon strings loosen it up causing it ... idk lol. Anyhelp appreciated.
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Nylon strings do come out of tune easier. Also, tuners for nylon string guitars typically have nylon rollers on them. The nylon roller helps to grip the strings. Steel string tuners have metal rollers which don't grip the nylon. There are wire wound nylon strings made for steel string guitar that really make things easier on your fingers without the tuning trouble.
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Thanx Corduroy, but do u have any advice on how he could fix it?
Proud Owner of a 2006 Taylor GS Big Leaf Maple/ Sitka Spruce
Get him to put steel strings back on, he will get used to them and they will sound better and won't go out of tune as much.
The steel strings with a nylon core are really the best way to fix the problem. It's easier on the fingers that regular steel strings.

Other wise, I guess he could try tying a knot after he threads the string through the tuner.
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