So my friend told me this story about people watching 300. So this is what happened. Two guys walked into 300 thinking it was something else so when the movie started and it was 300 the guys went "crap this is the wrong ****ing movie!" Right as they said that a random guy right newt to them stood up and yelled "THIS IS SPARTA!!!" and kicked 1 of the guys in the chest.
haha thats freakin hilarious
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That is perhaps the greatest thing I've ever heard. LMAO

It would've been funnier if he would've said "You can't turn back now, THIS IS SPARTA" Then stabbed him with a spear....
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dreamtheater91 has destroyed my soul with that story

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I'd probably have laughed more if I had seen it happen in person. That movie kicked ass though.
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I heard about this, but I was told that he kicked a girl in the chest. She was on her phone and then she said, "Um, is this, like, The Number 23?"
Poor advice.
I don't get it. Either that, or it just wasn't funny...

300 kicked f*cking ass though

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I dont find it funny, probably because i havent seen the movie..
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Maybe it's only funny if you've seen the film? otherwise, I just don't get it.
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This is the clip from the real movie that makes the situation funny.


Now watch that and imagine this guy standing up in the movie and kicking this person in the chest.
I saw a trailer for that film and one guys exclaims:

"Our arrows will block out the Sun!"

then comes the reply:

"then we'll fight in the shade!"

That's such an awful line.
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The "we'll fight in the shade" thing is an actual quote from the battle, according to Herodotus. That makes it incredibly hard core.

And for some reason I doubt a guy stood up and kicked another guy in the chest.
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I hereby dub you the UG's new God of Love. Really. That was brilliant.

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the one called lukef speaks the truth.
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I saw a trailer for that film and one guys exclaims:

"Our arrows will block out the Sun!"

then comes the reply:

"then we'll fight in the shade!"

That's such an awful line.

It's based around people from 2500 years ago. What do you expect? It's supposedly a quote from an actual soldier too, but we can only be as certain as ancient history allows us to be.
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