pretty good. i only listened to speak tho. a little bit too much symbal slamming for my liking lol.

u guys shud get a bassist tho for live shows
I like it, especially the singers voice.

Edit: I have that same aic shirt
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Pretty good song, I like all of it except how the guitar sounds at the very beginning just sounds of for whatever reason. Perhaps if it was palm muted more or had a slightly different rhythm just for that bit. Also the drummer hits that crash way too much. Other than that I like it. I especially like how your voice sounds for most of it.

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Its good, reminds me off the offspring as well as the obvious.

It is a lttle simplistic though, like someone said, you might want to try some diferent rythms for the guitars, its pretty much straight 8ths powerchords all the way through. Maybe a bit more af a riff too.

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Pretty good song. Obvious Nirvana-influence, haha... that's not a bad thing though.
A lot of cymbal-action though, too much for me. Simple guitar part, but if you like it that way, it'd be fine if you stuck with it.

You've got a cool Cobain-type voice going for you though. ;P Well.. assuming that you are in fact the singer.
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Yeah a little too much cymbals, but vocals sound a lot like Nirvana.
Good song. You should take the comparisons to Nirvana as a compliment. I agree with them. If you don't want to get those comparisons, you're gonna have to write songs in a different style, because the lead vocals are very Cobain-esque (I'm jealous, wish I had that type of voice).

I think this could benefit from some improved recording though. Particularly the drums. The cymbals are too loud, while the bass and snare are barely audible to me. Maybe try re-recording with different mic placement for the drums, or multiple mics?

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