I searched and couldn't find anything in 2007.

CAKE is probably my second favorite band, next to the Strokes. I know we've got some CAKE fans here. John McCrea can not go wrong.

Speaking of, does anyone else think he's a really underrated songwriter?

And also, anyone know when the Rarities album is coming out?

And also too, Live album?
Cake is responsible for who I am. One of the first bands I ever got into. McCrea's a god. Great, great effing band, I don't know what else to say. Pressure Chief was dissapointing though.
Listen to mah discs.


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They're alright. Kinda gimicky, though. "Opera Singer" and "Italian Leather Sofa" are fantastic songs.
Wade in the water, child.
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Cake is good. But more amazing than me? I don't think so.

i'm with you on that one
Mexico is an amazing song.
Here the children swing with sorrow,
Yesterday was once tomorrow
Their 'I Will Survive' cover?

About as good as your 'poor to medium' kareoke singer.

Sorry Bmm386. They CAN and HAVE (and he has) done wrong IMO.
I like Cake's basslines and the fact that trumpet is featured in their music but the vocals begin to annoy me after awhile. Sing, dammit!
Cool band. I enjoyed Pressure Chief a LOT more than most people.

My friend hated them and thus I hated him :-/

They put on a fun live show.

End of the Movie used to make me almost want to cry