I know Technically this is a Beginner Songs thread and I am sorry but I need a good First Lead song that is not too difficult. Preferably something slow and Bluesy.

I don't want a Power Chords or Rythym song It is a lead song I really want.

It will be my second Lead song(first is Parisienne Walkway) and I play Rythym very well so I need to start Lead.
There's lead in most of Brand New Cadillac by The Clash. It isn't really slow, but it isn't hard.
Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand... I never tried playing it but I saw the tabs and I heard the song once or twice... doesn't look too hard
Note: Sorry if my grammar and/or vocabulary isn't very good, English is my 2nd language!

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Just try a few solos. One I found very easy to learn was Seven Nation Army. My first real solo was from my Fender instruction DVD...

After that I just played around improvising for a while until I felt confident enough to try stuff, like Sanitarium and I Believe in a Thing Called Love. For the most part I just improvise though. I prefer it to learning other people's.