Hello all. I was at Guitar Center yesterday trying out a few acoustic guitars. Out of the ones I played, two stood out the most (surprisingly, despite the price difference):

-Takamine eg334sc (Acoustic-Electric) $599
-Fender DG100 (Acoustic only) $299

If I can get the money, I think I will be buying the Takamine. I was skeptical going in, but it really impressed me; as well with the Fender. I wasn't even thinking of looking at any Fenders because I wanted to try something new (I've had Fenders all my life), but it played well. There were other guitars that were nice: a few Ibanez's, a Washburn, and a Taylor, but these two were my favorites. I was hoping to try out the Epiphone Dove, but they didn't have any in stock; (Surprisingly the guy working there claimed he had never heard of the dove before ) Anyway, does anyone here have either of the two guitars mentioned above, that would like to comment on them? Thanks!

-Green Fender Standard Stratocaster

-Fender G-Dec Amp

-Digitech RPx400 Modeling Effects Pedal