I bought one over a year ago that is different than the ones I see selling in stores today. Its serial # is 0600608. It is much heavier, has silver tuners, and has screws for the battery compartment. I attached a pic from Ebay that is what my hellraiser looks like from the back.(dont know if it worked) The body art is basically the same but you can see a small difference as well. The hellraisers at guitarcenter just have like clip on battery compartments. Does anyone know if the older ones were made differently than the ones today? I don't see why they would have, wierd.
its like the 06 ones are different to the 07's only hardware though i think.

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Yea hardware and weight. The new ones I was playing in Guitar center were way lighter. Not that thats any better or anything....I kind of like the one I have. Do you know if they used different kinds of wood then? How would it be so much lighter?
I've noticed that as well. My Hellraiser has the clip on battery compartment. I haven't held one of the older ones to compare weight, but I am curious about what type of sound difference that makes between the older & newer Hellraisers

Also, I haven't seen or read anything on the Schecter webpage about the difference...