So, im after a new amp. Atm i am using a epiphone LP custom and a roland cube 30. In band practice they are great, and i dont even have to put the cube above half to be heard.

But, i as we possibly want to do small gigs and cause i just would like a new amp, i would like to upgrade.

The amps ive been looking at:

AVT 150 stack
DSL 401 Combo
Yeah, just the two but to be honnest, i dont really know what im looking for. The sort of music the band plays is Trivium / evanessance / Korn / GNR / Sum 41. So pretty much rock / metal.

+ i like the look of laney, but dont know if they are quite right....
and either combo or stack, just stack would be harder to get into band prac

I am really looking for an amp under £500 - 600 or $1000 ish...

Thanks for any help

P.S. Just to note, also getting Ibanez S470 instead of epi LP.
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stay away from the AVT at all costs. it has no defenition and in general is not a good sounding amp, although it is loud.
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well, for gnr and sum41, i believe they use marshalls. but i dont really recommend neither the dsl and definetly not the avt. if you go for a marshall tube amp, look at used jcm800 or jcm900s. they are almost exactly what slash uses. as for the other stuff, youd be looking at more modern amps probly check out mesa boogie, but i dont think you can get one for under $1000, at least not a half stack. and they dont make too many combos that arent expensive. laney's are supposedly pretty good also, even for that music. i would also recommend used peavey 5150's combos are less expensive, and heads are more expensive, but you can get one on ebay for around $500. they are really good for hard rock and metal. the jcm800/900 you can get for under $1000. check out ebay and gbase.com. hope that helps
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well out of those two, it would have to be the DSL but with your price range you could get something much better....Maybe a marshall JCM or if you could stretch your budget a bit maybe a JVM combo, i tried one of them today and they are seriously sweet!

EDIT: actually now that i think about it, if your living in America the JVM would be way out of your price range,they're a LOT cheaper here.....
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ok, just to throw a couple of names in... how about a Laney TFX-2. I dont really know alot about it, kinda why im asking but would it cut for metal and hard rock? + would it be lould enough for giging, if not would a TFX-3 be good?
would teh LC30 be able to cut out tones like trivium / korn / etc? also i like dragonforce, trying to learn some atm, but their songs are a bit of a bitch tbh. herman li uses laney i believe, so im guessing the LC30 would be pretty close to his tone?
I doubt the built in overdrive will be enough for what you want, you'd probably need an overdrive pedal boosting the overdrive channel.
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