There already other threads up about it, but I've read all the posts on them and I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for. Here's the thing...

My amp already has a low buzzing sound in it, and yes, messing with the EQ on it does get rid of some of it, but it's the heaviest distortion sound I can get on the amp. I want rid of that low buzz, and now, I have a Digitech Delay pedal, and when I plug it from guitar, to delay pedal, to amp, it multiplies the buzzing. I will be getting more effect pedals (Dime Wah, Jam Man Looper, and more)...so I want a pedal that's going to effectively get rid of the low buzzing in my amp when I don't play with the pedals and get rid of all the extra buzzing when I have the pedals plugged in.

I've been hearing that the Boss NS-2 sucks tone...actually, I've heard that about all the noise gate pedals.

Basically, here's my options...

Boss NS-2
MXR 135 Smart Gate
Rocktron HUSH
ISP Decimator
Electro-Harmonix Hum Debugger

So basically, I want a good little noise gate pedal that's works while I run directly from guitar to amp...and while I use it with other pedals...what do you guys recommend?
ISP decimator
works better than any other noise gate/eliminator


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ISP Decimator

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you could also try replacing all your cables. sometimes, if not most often, it's a faulty cable that's creating a hum. just replaced a live wire this weekend and eliminated some unwanted hum!