Does anybody know of any websites with amplitube 2 presets?

I've searched but not been able to find any!
Me too, but i can't seem to find any either.

Add me to msn and we can share a few if you want.

Ohh, i see your down the road. Small world
"Only the dead have seen the end of the war..."
I've added you on Msn but i'm not on a lot.

i only got Amplitube yesterday so I only have one preset I have made.

I dont think I've ever been to carlton before. I dont even know where it is lol!
I suggest that everybody zip their Amplitube 2 preset and uppload it here.

Here is my preset for:
What the hell have I - alice in chain
Sweet child o'mine - GnR
Hey there Delilah - Plain white T's
Welcome to paradise - Green Day

I'm not a great preset guy... but it could be interesting if everybody updload their stuff...

I can't wait to see yours!
LPCORMIER - amplitube 2 live preset.zip