Would it be alright if I put electric strings on my acoustic?
I noticed that on acoustic strings there is fabric at the end of them, electric strings dont' have that.
Or should I just buy lighter acoustic strings?
idk, i tried it once, and the bridge on my acoustic almost ripped off, tension problems, but that might just be because my acoustic is shit
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Just buy lighter acoustic strings.
The electric strings will sound like crap, tinny and thin. They are also have tons of intonation problems.
Hang on a second if your accoustic strings have fabric at the ends they are NYLON strings & NO you cant put steel strings on a nylon string guitar. You will have the neck break. If not when you are tightening the strings (not bloody long after). It is O.K. to put Nylon strings on a steel string guitar. The difference is the truss rod used in steel string guitars is designed to deal with the much greater "bowing" force that steel strings generate on the neck.

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