i just bought an ENGL fireball and i'm looking for a good cab for death/tech metal. i don't really wanna dish out $1000 more dollars for an ENGL cab, and i know 1960s are good. are they good for death metal kind of music?
I don't think so. If they do, than you're set.

Actually, better speakers might be celestion G-75s. I think that's what they are. I know Slipknot loads their amps with those, so i don't know if that will work for your type of metal.

Hope this helps!
the 1960A cab does not have the vintage speakers in them but the 1960A vinatage cabs do. MY friend has the 1960A vintage and i have the 1960A and i would rather be playing out of his cab. I am just about to buy my Engl Powerball and i have heard mixed reviews about playing it through a Marshall cab. I know there are other cabs u can get for it that are supposed to sound better but i am not aware of what the other cabs are for under 1000. I know i will be buying a Genz Benz G-Flex 4X12 for my engl tho and its supposed to be a very good setup. However if u want to pick a marshall cab I would definately go with the 1960 A vintage. good luck!
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dont those come in the 1960av or whatever?

Yup, those have the V30's, great cab.
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